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Multipurpose Home Cleaner (Natural Recipe).

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Many commercial cleaners contain unnecessary toxins. And I personally feel better using a multipurpose home cleaner in every corner of my house. For several years I have used vinegar in my daily house cleaning routine. Besides being a safe product it is also cheap.

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I know people who don’t like the smell of vinegar and that’s why they don’t use it. One solution to this problem is to give a different smell to vinegar in a natural, safe, and very simple way. Therefore, orange peel is an excellent alternative as it not only gives it a rich smell but also because of its citrus properties helps to remove fat from surfaces.

Note: Although this cleaner can be used on multiple surfaces, it is not recommended to use it on granite countertops. To clean your granite surfaces you can use this natural homemade granite cleaner

Multipurpose Home Cleaner

Multipurpose Home Cleaner (Natural Recipe)

For the cleaner you need:

  • The peel of four oranges.
  • A glass jar with a lid or a Mason jar (any size, I used a 16 oz. jar).
  • A bottle of white vinegar
  • Lemon essential oil (optional).
  • A strainer
  • A 16 oz spray bottle(If you have bottles of cleaners that you no longer use you can wash them with warm water and soap and reuse them).


  • Add the orange peels to the jar (you can do it for several days until you complete the required amount).
  • Fill the bottle with vinegar so that the vinegar completely covers the orange peels.
  • Cover the bottle and let it sit for two weeks.
  • After two weeks pass the mixture through the strainer and transfer the mixture to another jar or bowl.
  • As the vinegar is highly concentrated, it is recommended to dilute it in equal parts with 50/50 water.
  • With a funnel, transfer the vinegar to the atomizing bottle and optionally add 5 drops of essential oil. That’s all!.

Where is it safe to use this cleaner?

If your bathroom and kitchen area has tiles, this cleaner is perfect and safe for cleaning. I use it and recommend it also to clean the outside area of the stove, to clean the dishwasher, sink, outdoor toilet area, shower area, bathroom, and kitchen counters (as long as they are not granite). Remember that for granite mesons you can use my homemade granite cleaner.

If you like natural products check my homemade soap.

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